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On April 19th, 2013 precious Rowyn Leea Johnson was born to loving parents Cody and Brynn Johnson.


She was born into a large family with deep roots in hometown Tenino. She received lots of love from her Nanas, Papas, Aunties, Uncles, and many cousins.

Rowyn Lea Johnson
The Johnson Family

Rowyn was a happy baby with a sweet disposition. She spent her days trying to keep up with big brother Wyatt, being Mommy's helper, and Daddy's little shadow. She loved playing with other kids and would be caught red handed giving boys hugs and kisses everywhere she went. She would play in the sandbox with her brother, be in the garden with her Mommy, or in the back pack with Daddy doing yard work. She was already learning how to ride her power wheels quad, following brother Wyatt around the property of their home. 


Rowyn had a big personality always giggling and trying to make others laugh. She loved to shop with Mommy and already had input on what she wanted to wear. She had bright blonde wild curls that she always had a big bow in.


On September 16th, 2014 Rowyn Leea Johnson received her wings. Raise for Rowyn was started to keep precious Angel Rowyn’s memory alive and to give support to other families that suffer the loss of a child. 

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