To date, Raise for Rowyn has helped hundreds of families with thousands of dollars in funeral cost assistance.


Out of respect, we’ve tried to make our application form simple and easy to use. We request that you review our guidelines before filling out the form to make sure your circumstances fall within our mission and service area. 


Raise for Rowyn provides small grants (generally $500-$1000 per child, with some exceptions) to help families who have lost a child pay for direct burial expenses.


  1. All grants are subject to availability of funds. At this point, Raise for Rowyn receives more requests for assistance than we can fulfill. Periodically we may be forced to close our website to new grant applications, with the exception of those who fall  within our local area (please see guideline three for more information). It is always our goal to remain open to grant requests whenever possible, and if our application is closed, we will reopen it as soon as funds become available.

  2. Grants are generally limited to families in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Arizona.

  3. Due to funding limitations, preference is given to families in Thurston County, Washington state families, and families from communities that have supported the foundation. At times, assistance may be limited to these families only. (If you are applying for someone who fits within these limitations and our grant proposal is not currently available on the website, please email us directly at We will  provide you with access to the application.)

  4. Only family members and close family friends may apply for grants. Due to funding limitations, we cannot provide grants through other non-profits.

  5. Grants are paid directly to funeral homes, which must be able to provide Raise for Rowyn with a W9 tax form. Raise for Rowyn staff members will work with these funeral homes to arrange this. If you are looking for a funeral home for your child, you can contact Raise for Rowyn and when possible (generally within Washington state) we will recommend those places we’ve worked with in the past.

  6. Because our organization was founded on never forgetting a lost child, we request pictures of those children whose families we are able to help. All children assisted by Raise for Rowyn are added to our gallery of Rowyn’s Angels. If there is some reason you cannot provide a picture of your child, explain your special circumstances in the “Additional Information” section of the application.


Thank you for reviewing our guidelines. If your circumstances fall within our mission and service area, please fill out the form below to apply for grant.

Raise for Rowyn

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